About Us

Packman was founded in 2017, and it is an innovative online B2B courier bag supplier capturing the largest market share on online marketplace platforms. Packman is headquartered in Malaysia and caters to a high-quality courier bag and other packaging materials. At Packman, we recognize that packaging plays a key role in our customer's overall marketing process. Therefore we take time to understand your need clearly and offer the best-suited solutions that bring out your product's attributes and help bolster sales. We offer easy-to-use products and help customers acquire products that match their packaging goals on time and budget.


As a key player in the e-commerce industries ourselves, we have vast knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the qualities of courier bags that needs to be met to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for our customers. Due to the high requirements for the use of courier packaging bags, our customers have a very high repurchasing rate for our products, which has contributed to Packman's vast growth within a short period. Packman now ranks first on the e-commerce platform, with more than half of the market share under its wings, it is now the largest courier packaging bag supplier in Malaysia.


We look forward to developing Malaysia's premier e-commerce service platform and be a trusted partner for e-commerce entrepreneurs soon. Contact us for a quote or feel free to browse through our website— we look forward to working with you!