PACKMAN - Quality Courier Bag
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Zip Lock Plastic Bag (14 sizes)- 100pcs/Pack
Price RM1.40 - RM45.50
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Mau Packing? Cari Packman!

Product Name   : Zip Lock Plastic Bag / Resealable Plastic Bag
Size                    : ZL1-ZL14
Quantity              : 100 pcs/pack  *Kindly allow +/- 5 pcs machine error 
Material              : Polyethylene plastic
Thickness           : 0.12mm (Double Side)
Colour                 : Transparent
Best choice for resealable storage or e-commerce product packaging. 
Seal your product or item from air moisture, insects, and avoid product spill out from the bag.

Sizes Available :-
ZL1: 4cm x 6cm           1.57"x2.36"
ZL2: 6cm x 9cm           2.36"x3.54"
ZL3: 8cm x 12cm         3.14"x4.72"
ZL4: 10cm x 15cm       3.93"x5.90"
ZL5: 12cm x 17cm       4.72"x6.69"
ZL6: 14cm x 20cm       5.51"x7.87"
ZL7: 16cm x 24cm       6.29"x9.44"
ZL8: 18cm x 26cm       7.08"x10.23"
ZL9: 20cm x 30cm       7.87"x11.81"
ZL10: 23cm x 33cm       9.05"x12.99"
ZL11: 26cm x 38cm       10.23"x14.96"
ZL12: 29cm x 40cm       11.41"x15.74"
ZL13: 32cm x 45cm       12.59"x17.71"
ZL14: 36cm x 48cm       14.17"x18.89"

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