Wholesale in A Box

What is Wholesale In a Box?

This is the new and only ordering quantity available for PACKMAN Whatsapp & Website. All products are now selling in box quantity instead of a packet.



Previous Ordering Quantity: 1 unit of CB1a (P) = 50pcs/pkt

NEW Ordering Quantity: 1 unit of CB1a (P) = 2200pcs/box


Previous Ordering Quantity: Consignment Note A5 = 100pcs/pkt

NEW Ordering Quantity: Consignment Note A5 = 3000pcs/box



Do I still need to order above RM500 to get the VIP price?

NO, you can now order at any amount you want and enjoy VIP price!



Do I still get free shipping?

Definitely YES! You can get free shipping even by just ordering 1 box.
(*Subject to all courier bags and other specific items only)!



Why order in a box?

Safer Delivery

In our experience, heavy parcels shipped with boxes are 95% more secure and safer comparing to normal plastic packaging!
Easier to be handled by courier service! Less damage reported!


Less Trouble

We found out that many sellers tend to order bit by bit and very frequently. It turns out that they might lose even more time and money because their packaging material is always used up and couldn't restock in time.
Try ordering more in boxes now! In the long run, you will save more time and energy!


Value Saving

In Shopee, you can only get 3kg MAX free shipping per order if you want to order a 30kg courier bag. You need to separate it into 10 orders to get all free shipping.
Order with us in boxes now! No more RM500 requirement! Lowest wholesale price! ALL FREE SHIPPING!


Convenient Storage

We realized many sellers don't have a proper way to store and keep their courier bags!
So we are here to help you and provide you with boxes to tidy up your packing space and save more time to pack more!



How to order?

You can refer to the chart on the first page and directly place your order on the website or contact our customer service for further assistance.



How to calculate the amount I need?

You can refer to the catalogue or the chart on the homepage. The chart will show you the different quantities of respective items per box.
Or you can contact our customer service for further assistance.



Previously you order:
CB1a(P) - 9000pcs
CB2(P) - 1200pcs
CB4(P) - 1200pcs
CB6(P) - 250pcs

Ordering in Box amount:
CB1a(P) - 4 boxes (2200pcs/box, total = 8800pcs)
CB2(P) - 1 box (1100pcs/box)
CB4(P) - 2 boxes (600pcs/box, total = 1200pcs)
CB6(P) - 1 box (300pcs/box)


Still have questions? Contact us now